There is much confusion and speculation regarding the difference and similarities of industrial hemp and marijuana. Learn more on the difference, and how hemp CBD might be helpful for you, a family member, or friend:

The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana 

Type THC Psychoactive Cultivation Applications
Marijuana 5% – 35% Yes Grown in a  carefully controlled atmosphere Medical and recreational
Hemp <.03% No Minimal Care. Adapts to grow in most environments. Body care, clothing, health and well being, construction, food, plastic and much more.




Cannabinoids bind to receptors in the brain.

Cannabinoids bind to receptors in the body.

Can cause anxiety and paranoia in certain strains.

Allows user to remain clearheaded and focused. Produces a calming effect.

Good for sleep disorders.

Good for sleep disorders.

Not legal in all states.

Legal in all 50 states.

Used for medicinal purposes.

Used for medicinal purposes, health and wellness.

Results in a “high” or feeling of euphoria.

Does not result produce a high

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