The Passion Driving Our Belief In CBD Oil

Delphi (pronounced dɛlfiLife believes in a better approach to health care via CBD oil for both mental and physical wellness. After seeing the side effects of prescription medications, or seeing pain without relief on those around us, we decided to research and try CBD for ourselves. It has been a life-changing event for our family and friends. We feel it is our responsibility to share our success with the holistic wellness you can acquire through CBD oil.

Delphi Life believes it is our responsibility to provide the highest quality product that is affordable to our customers.

The Delphi Life Brand - Appealing to human health & destiny

Our brand stands as a symbol of the human journey and is based on principles and beliefs from thousands of years ago in Delphi Greece

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I am a Colorado native, spent thirty-one years as a teacher and principal in the Jefferson County School District in Golden, CO.
I love spending time with my friends and family, especially my first grandchild. Yes, I am a grandma!

For the past few years I’ve had trigger finger and then was diagnosed with frozen shoulder. To get relief for the pain in my finger and palm, a friend gave me the CBD topical to try. The results were amazing! I finally had relief and now can make a fist without my finger sticking. I next tried CBD on my shoulder as I especially needed help from pain after physical therapy. CBD also provided relief to my shoulder and upper arm pain.

As friends heard of my relief, I began giving them samples of CBD. Soon we had new pleasant stories to share with each other. That’s how Delphi Life was born: out of the joy and the rewarding feeling of knowing I helped myself in a holistic way and can help others with their pain and sleeplessness.

I am blessed to have trusted partners in this second life of mine. The wellness possibilities of CBD are so inspiring! Whether home seminars or wellness expos, I now enjoy helping people learn how CBD can help alleviate pain in a holistic manner.



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